• From Principal's Desk

    Mrs. Indrani Singh, Principal

    With school systems in constant reform around the world to meet the needs of the new economy, it is exceedingly important for each child , parent and the staff to become acquainted with the changing educational needs so that the schools can prepare themselves to meet the demands of education. The world is changing at an increasingly fast pace and so it is important that we rethink our practices as educators in response to these changes, focus on the development of soft skills, communication , have better understanding of the creative bent of mind of the present generation and transform the environment into a positive one. I am delighted that our school is a recipient of the International School Award of the British Council, an evidence of being a component of the changing scenario in the field of education. I dream of leading the school with a group of staff passionate about educating the curious minds and develop an environment of learning and growth who will in turn think of the larger interest of the nation so that twelve years down the line when i look back……I can smile at the children and staff who have left the footsteps of development for the younger generation to follow…..since learning and growth is constant and it has to go on as long as the world revolves around the sun. I pray to the Almighty to give strength to the students to be able to face the increasing challenges of the time, become more competent, face the pressure without getting bogged down with a feeling of ..I CANNOT DO… rather replace it with…..WHY CAN’T I DO!!! …and I CAN DO!!!

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