Passing in all subjects is compulsory.
Passing in S.U.P.W. is vital for promotion for all classes.
Std. XI obtaining 60% in 3 subjects is necessary for promotion apart from English.

For Class XII-S.U.P.W. grade will be awarded based on the co-curricular activities a student takes part in, attendance & different projects a student completes on being assigned to them.

EXAMINATION : Nur. to Std. V – 2 mid terms followed by Half Yearly and 2 mid terms followed by Final term.

Std. VI to IX & XI will have three terminal exams (mid term – 20 marks & terminal –
80 marks}.
Std X & XII (Board Students)

1st Terminal:
1st Mid term = 20 Marks
1st term exam = 80 Marks
Mock Pre exam
Pre exam

The school conducts MCQ Examination for Std. III to Std. XII in English language and Mathematics.

Students absent from any examination will not be allowed to answer a retest.
Do not send a child for tests and examinations if he/she is not well. The child will not be able to do well in this condition and it may be unsafe for the other children too.

If a parent takes the ward back after a Test/Examination, the marks awarded for that examination shall not be considered valid.
MERIT CARDS : Merit Cards are awarded to students on the basis of academic performance.
Nursery to Std.5 – 1st commendation card 75% and above in all subjects and 2nd commendation card 65% and above in all subjects.

Std.6 to Std.12 – 1st commendation card 70% and above in all subjects and 2nd commendation card 60% and above in all subjects.

MARKS & GRADE : Marks are given for academics from UKG to Std. XII and colour code for Nursery & LKG. Grades are given for personality development and activities.

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