90% attendance is required for the students in order to appear for any school examination.

Any absence from school even for a day without prior permission of the principal must be explained by the parents in the Absence Record.

If the leave is for more than 2 days, an explanation letter addressed to the Principal should be submitted before the leave availed.

Continuous absence for 15 days or more without permission will be considered equivalent to the withdrawal of the student from the school and name will be struck off the rolls.

Every student must be present on the re-opening day of the school after Summer, Puja and Winter Vacation.

To be eligible for marks in a test a student should be present for the full day after the test.

A student joining School after an infectious or contagious disease should produce all medical reports certified by the hospital or nursing home with a seal/stamp and a prescription with the name of medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Every student is expected to be present in the school 10 minutes before the assembly bell failing which he/she will have to go back home. Being late to school 3 times in a month the child will get a failed report card and more than three times will lead to suspension from the school.

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