World suicide prevention day

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Adls Sunshine School observed Suicide Prevention Day on 10th of September to promote hope, life, cultural resiliency and community transformation. The programme aimed to...   Read More

Examination Schedule 2018

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Swatchta Pakwada

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Saving Environment is the need of today. Adls sunshine school has always been a pioneer in protecting and preserving the environment. The school celebrated...   Read More

Evacuation Drill

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Safety has always been a matter of great concern for ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL. A mock drill was conducted by the school to educate the...   Read More

Direct and Indirect speech

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An innovative way of teaching “Direct and Indirect speech”.The class was divided into groups wherein the students demonstrated the scenes given to them..

Practical learning

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Practical learning is the best form of knowledge The biotechnology department of ADLS Sunshine School carried out a research on the morphological effects of...   Read More

Traffic Rules

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The futures of tomorrow demonstrating Traffic rules and the importance of Traffic lights.  

Useful and Harmful insects

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The little sunshiers crafting a project on “Useful and”Harmful insects”.The students also learnt tips of keeping their surroundings pest free.

Show and Tell Competition

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English club of the sunshine school organised intraclass “show and tell competition” The little sunshiners showcasing their talents  

Balanced Diet

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Students demonstrating the importance of a balance diet through model making.

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