No stress…..

We don’t wanna be sad today,

Just wanna stay calm

Take life easy because there is no stress.

No stress…..

No need to fight against our feelings

Coz life is not so depressing.

No stress…..

Something special in our mind together we can go and find.

Nothing is gonna cause us distress.

No stress

Don’t let me find you unhappy

Life is precious, not a rally.

No stress….

Always smile and be bright

Make your life a little light

Life may be safe and happy.

No stress……


No more anxiety, no more stress,

I thank you lord for I am truly blessed.

I am releasing all my cares today,

Will live life with ease and cast them all away.

As I put my faith and trust in God,

That each day has a divine power:

As he will faithfully guide and lead the way.

Making the most of each minute,

Taking one step at a time,

Going through each day with stride.

Living far more free each day, than yesterday, now;

For me that’s the beginning of the stress free way.

Thankyou Lord! O Humble Lord!

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