School Prayer

Regular Assembly

Our Father, In Heaven, Holy be Your Name
Thy Kingdom Come, Thine will be Done
On Earth, As in Heaven, Give us Today
Our Daily Bread and Forgive us, Our Sins
As we Forgive those, Who sin Against us,
Do not Bring us to the Test
But Deliver us from Evil.



Dismissal Prayer

At the end of this day, I pray to you Lord

Offering my thanks for the happy and enriching Day.

Bless me with the courage, to carry on.

For I want to face tomorrow with strength and clear thoughts.

Help my parents, teachers and friends

So that the day may be safe and happy.

Thank you Lord.



Peace Pledge (Every Monday)

Making peace must start within us.  Each one of us, members of ADLS Sunshine School, commit ourselves as best we can to become nonviolent and peace loving people, to Respect Self and Others, to Communicate Better, to Listen and Plan, to Forgive, to be Courageous, to Challenge life whenever we encounter it, and not lose hope.

This is our pledge.

We shall check ourselves on what we have pledged on the 1st day of the week so that we can help each other become more peace loving and help ourselves and our fellow beings to live life fully.

Hindi Prayer

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