Winter Extravaganza

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ADLS Sunshine School celebrated ‘Winter Extravaganza’ in the school premises. This was a platform for children and parents where fun and frolic came together with education and learning. The Winter Extravaganza, comprised of ‘Book Mela’. Exhibition on Better World’ and ‘Food Mela’.


Colonel Sourabh was the Chief Guest of the day. The main attraction of the carnival was the exhibition on life skills, Environment, Electricity, water and safety which was open to the parents as well. The purpose of the exhibition was to share children’s skill and work with the larger community in order to inspire them and spread messages. The visitors were made aware about the unsafe practices on road and other areas , issues related to the environment and promotion of cultural and social values and instilling a sense of togetherness in the community. The Food Mela consisted of stalls from North, South, East and West India, which was a true example of unity in diversity. The teachers’ incharge of the stalls of Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar were dressed traditionally. The school wore a festive look with Christmas around the corner. Santa Claus attracted the attention of the audience.


ADLS Sunshine School in collaboration with Radio Dhoom initiated a noble cause.                  The parents were asked to donate old yet decent clothes as Shramdan for the poor and underprivileged people, residing in the slums. The day was very fruitful and the purpose of the Carnival was very well catered.

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