ISA REPORT (2015-2018)

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The International School Award is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for nurturing global citizenship in young people and enriching teaching and learning. It has positive impact on students, teachers and school in entirety.

ADLS Sunshine School under the leadership and guidance of the Principal, Mrs. Indrani Singh, applied for the ISA in July 2014. It was the time to “Explore”. The whole new world of possibilities had opened up for the entire school community. The journey began with the workshop on ISA. The basic idea was collected from different sources. The Principal was prepared with the projects to be incorporated, keeping in mind the curriculum. The teams were made and projects conceptualized were involving the students of all age group and classes. The entire school was involved. The Action Plan was a mammoth task. Eight projects were selected namely colours of festivals, Dress Up Day, A Genre of Folktale, Bridge Loans and Get your wealth Pie Right, Water conservation, Food Mania, Folk Dance and Incredible monuments.

Apart from the Principal, thirty two teachers were involved. Each team comprised a team leader. Meetings after meetings and finally with general consent an Action Plan was prepared. Subjects like English, EVS, Value Education, Computer Science, SUPW, History, Science, Geography, Creative Art, Music, Dance, Commerce Economics, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Physical Education were covered. After initial changes, the Action Plan was finally approved and the hurdle was conquered.

Now it was time to conceptualize and plan the activities according to the Action Plan. Each project was beautifully designed to cater to the needs of the students to acquire knowledge of different religions, diverse cultures, traditions in other countries. With the help of comparative study, students learnt about the diverse global culture. The students were allowed to critically examine the opportunities for obtaining loans and look for beneficial investments. The environmental problems were very well taken care of. The spices and food enjoyed by different countries, made the students value the nutritional foods. The world became closer with collaborative skills and knowledge sharing. The symbolic status and significance of the heritage building was fostered among the students.

The Learning outcome was incredible. The comparative skills were developed while working on the concept of global village. The communication skills were enhanced. Innovative classroom is on the way of perfection. Tolerance, appreciation and team work was perfectly demonstrated. The Evaluation methods included photographs, students’ work, group discussion, score sheet of different competitions, feed from the audience, partner school, Media coverage, article in school magazine and many more.

The most difficult part of the journey was to hunt for the partner school. The responses  from partner school to begin with were lukewarm but gradually strengthened into longstanding partnerships, boasting of unique project exchanges and students’ work  exchange programs and many more to list. The day Gameseley International School in Derbyshire, UK accepted to be our partner in two  projects namely water conservation and festivals. It was a day to celebrate. We wanted to open the avenues in different countries across the world. We started looking for partners in Africa, Srilanka, Singapore, Nepal and it gave us immense satisfaction when we finally collaborated with 19 school across the globe. The Skype discussions with J/Urumpirai Saiva Tamil Vidayalaya, Srilanka was very fruitful. The Project space in British Councils’ school online was created for projects like water conservation, food mania, Festivals and Folkdance.  It gives me immense pleasure when I find my students work shared in Project space with nearly 10 schools across the globe.  The entire year was having hectic calendar which included emails to partner schools and sharing each and every movement with each other.

The international school Award (ISA) is a milestone in the school’s journey towards excellence.  It is proud moment for each of the members of the ADLS Sunshine School.

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