Teacher’s Report: Waste management

Waste generation and intelligent ways of disposing household waste is a matter of great concern.
The students were given a platform to study the statistical growth of plastic usage in India and other countries like South Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Pakistan and America.
A comparative study of the techniques used in disposing off waste in India and other nations was done wherein the students surveyed about the amount of waste generated per week and ways of treating dry waste and wet waste. This comparative study provided a detailed knowledge about the measures taken by the Indian government like the “Swatcch Bharat Abhiyan” and other such projects in different countries like ” Municipal Solid Waste Management” in Dhaka, Bangladesh, ” Zero plastic to landfill by 2030 campaign” in South Africa, ” Garbage Management Campaign 2014″ in Nepal.
The survey made the students well acquainted with the actual data of global relevant issues like Platic usage, waste generation, waste disposal methods, campaigns against use of plastic.

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