World Suicide Prevention Day

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ADLS Sunshine school observed World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September through a set of events to promote awareness among our students and the parents on this burning issue affecting so many lives in our city almost every day. The guest speaker of the day was Mr. Subhashish Bhaduri.

A glimpse of the order of events:

  • Welcome Address – 3 minutes (10:30 am)

  • Lighting of the ceremonial lamp – 3 minutes (10:33 am)

  • Yoga – 25 minutes (10:58 am)

  • Song – 5 minutes (11: 03 am)

  • Nukkad Natak – 4 minutes (11: 07 am)

  • Movie – 6 minutes (11:13am)

  • Slogans – 5 minutes (11:18 am)

  • Peace Pledge – 3 minutes (11:21 am)

  • Vote of thanks – 1 minute (11:22 am)

  • National Anthem. – 2 minutes (11:24 am)

The students were addressed and counselled by Principal Mrs. Indrani Singh & Mr. Bhaduri.
Nukkad natak and a musical performance were presented by the students of Sunshine School. The students were taught various yogik asanas to manage stress by yoga guru Mr. Subhashish Bhadhuri. A short movie was shown to the students followed by a presentation on positive mantras towards life – LIFE IS PRECIOUS

The program ended with the National Anthem.

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