ADLS observed World Suicide Prevention Day on 8th September as a part of ISA Project through a series of events to promote awareness among our students and the parents on this burning issue affecting so many lives in our city almost every day.  The Guest of honour for the day was Dr. Mahesh Hembram (Psychiatrist) and Ms. Gurpreet Bhatia ( In charge, School outreach programme,Jeevan).

A glimpse of the order of events:-

●          Stress prayer

●          Welcome Address

●          Lighting of the ceremonial lamp

●          Nukkad Natak

●          Talk by Dr Mahesh Hembram

●          Short Movie

●          Report presented by School Counsellor

●          Peace pledge

●          Vote of thanks

●          Stress Anthem

The programme began with the stress prayer recited by the middle school students to seek the blessings of the almighty and be happy and calm. It was followed with the welcome address given by Principal Mrs. Indrani Singh and then the lighting of the ceremonial lamp took place. The students were addressed and motivated by the inspirational words and real life experiences of Dr. Hembram. Dr. Hembram is a renowned mental health professional from Ranchi experienced in Child psychiatry, geriatric, de-addiction and other neurological diseases. He addressed the ongoing issue of “blue whale game” and how to prevent students from falling in the trap. The parents of the middle section were invited for the programme so that they can attain knowledge and techniques  about how to keep a track of their wards behaviour and activities. The middle school parents were invited as the teenage is the most sensitive age wherein children get victimised by these games and are more prone to fall in the trap. His talk helped the parents understand the nature of the concern and how to cope up with it.

Natak was presented by the students addressing the issue of depression and bullying and how to fight and voice out against it. A short movie was shown to the high school students who were a part of the programme on how to overcome failure and find the positive mantra towards life as we all know “Life is Precious”. Moving ahead, school counsellor Ms. Tulika Mukherjee presented a report of the counselling activities for the last academic session and how it has benefited the students.

The students then took peace pledge so as to protect themselves and fight against all odds in life. The programme was conducted by safe club and interact club of the school.  The moderators: Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur and Mrs. Àmarjeet Kaur worked relentlessly to make this event successful.

The programme ended with the Stress Anthem.

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