Zimmedaar Nagrik Zimmedaar Shaher Campaign

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Day 1 – 16th September, 2013 (Monday)

ZNZS Campaign

ZNZS Campaign

All the students and staff of ADLS sunshine school assembled on the school ground at 7:00 am. The school building was decorated
with banners of Zimmedaar Nagrik Zimmedaar Shaher. The program started at 7:30 am as soon as the dignitaries from Tata Steel and JUSCO arrived. The welcome speech was delivered by SOMA DAS Teacher. She introduced the ZNZS Campaign to everyone present there. This was followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by our school principal Mrs. Indrani Singh, the Chief Guest Mr. Rituraj Singh, General Manager, JUSCO, Mr. A.P. Singh. A. Jyoti of class 10 science sang a prayer song to invoke the blessings of the almighty. Then Soma Das teacher gave a talk on the importance of clean environment and the dangers which our environment is facing. Everyone applauded the initiative taken by JUSCO to curb these threats to environment.

This was followed by the pledge taking ceremony. Soma Das teacher said the pledge and everyone repeated after her. Students were holding the ZNZS flags provided by JUSCO, in their left hand. Everyone stretched forward their right arm to take the pledge. After the pledge taking ceremony, Mr. Rituraj Sinha, our honourable Chief Guest said a few enlightening words on the importance of a clean and safe environment in our lives. Our Principal Mrs. Indrani Singh thanked JUSCO for giving ADLSSunshineSchool the opportunity to be a part of the ZNZS campaign. The dignitaries of TATA STEEL and JUSCO went around the entire school and gave their expert suggestions for the better functioning of the school.

The program was managed by Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur and Mrs. A. Renuka Rao of ADLS Sunshine School.

Day 2 – 17th September, 2013 (Tuesday)

On 17th September, 2013 (2nd day of ZNZS Campaign) an InterSchool Quiz Competition was organised by ADLS Sunshine School premises. Six different schools of the town participated in the quiz. The participating schools were- RAJENDRA VIDYALAYA,
JH TARAPORE, MOTILALNEHRUPUBLIC SCHOOL, NARBHERAMHANSRAJENGLISHSCHOOL AND DBMS KADMA. Each school was given a special name (name of the team). The six teams were- Bryonia, Cecropia, Durian, Euphorbia, Fennel and Garcinia. There were nine rounds in the quiz, related to environment, safety and power conservation. Each round had 6 questions and the last five rounds were the buzzer rounds. Each round consisted of interesting and tricky questions. The questions were selected by
Ms. K. Revati, Mrs. P. Prema Kumari and Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur (teachers) of ADLS Sunshine School.


Ex- How do most Australian electricity power plants get their energy?


Ex- What is the name of the helmet for two wheelers?


Ex- Which has more resistance? 100Watt or 60Watt bulb?


Ex- Which country currently emits the most greenhouse gas?

Ex- Save electricity get good ________.

Ex- Identify this traffic sign

Ex- It looks like a pretty snowflake, but the yellow
background is cautionary. What type of hazard does this symbol indicate?

Ex- What is the penalty for overtaking dangerously?

Ex- Find the connecting term.

Javan tiger, bali tiger, Caspian tiger= __________.

Each correct answer carried 20 marks and – 10 for a wrong answer. There was also a tie breaker round in case of a tie between two teams. JH TARAPORE was declared the winner with 110 points and RAJENDRA VIDYALAYA was the first runners up with 100
points. All the participating schools were awarded with participating certificates and a packet of chocolates. The winners were awarded with trophies. The event was managed by Ms. K. Revati, Mrs. P. Prema Kumari and the members of the Safe Club and
Interact Club of ADLS Sunshine School. The quiz master was Ms. Soma Das of ADLS Sunshine School.

ZNZS Campaign

ZNZS Campaign

Day 3 – 18th September, 2013 (Wednesday)

18th September, 2013 was the third day of the ZNZS campaign week organised by ADLS Sunshine School.
Our school celebrated it very enthusiastically.

All the members of the Safe Club and INTERACT CLUB of ADLS Sunshine School were involved in distributing pamphlets of ZNZS, given by JUSCO. The moderators of the clubs, Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs. Renuka Rao and Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur were also there with the students. Students distributed around 500 pamphlets to the public, near the Sakchi Golchakkar, in front of ADLS Sunshine School main gate and the Golchakkar near the Tata Steel gate.

A team from JUSCO came to ADLS sunshine school to present a nukkad natak on clean environment. There were five persons in the team. They showed the nukkad natak to our students and made them aware of the value of water conservation, saving
electricity, clean environment and road safety. Students enjoyed the nukkad natak and understood the importance of environment preservation and the objectives to keep our city clean and safe. After showing the nukkad natak in our school campus, the JUSCO team again presented the nukkad natak in front of the school main gate, to create awareness among the public. Many people had gathered to see the nukkad natak and they appreciated the efforts of JUSCO and ADLS Sunshine School towards a clean city.

The program was managed by Mr. Govind Kumar of ADLS Sunshine School.

Day 4 – 19th September, 2013 (Thursday)

19th September, 2013 was the fourth day of the week long ZNZS campaign organised by ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL. ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL took a very vital step to make this campaign a huge success and to promote the campaign widely among the students, parents, staff and the common public. The program was managed by Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur and Mr. Atanu of ADLS Sunshine School.

ZNZS Campaign

ZNZS Campaign

In the evening at 6:00 pm, students, parents and teachers staying nearby the school, assembled in the school auditorium. We had also invited few shopkeepers and auto drivers in the vicinity, to be a part of the program and gather knowledge about our environment. Dignitaries from JUSCO had come to show a power point presentation based on global warming.

The power point presentation was hugely appreciated by everyone. Then a short film of eight minutes was shown to everyone. The film focused on three issues – proper civic sense, power and water conservation, road safety. The film made everyone aware of the depleting natural resources and the preventive measures which we should incorporate to save our resources from depleting.

This was followed by the nukkad natak by the JUSCO team. Parents, shopkeepers and auto drivers enjoyed the nukkad natak and promised to follow the suggestions given to them. The moderators and the students of the safe club and interact club of ADLS Sunshine School were present throughout the program. The program finished at 6:45 pm.

Day 5 – 23rd September, 2013 (Monday)

23rd September, 2013(Monday), was the last day of the week long campaign of ZNZS organised by ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL. Class 8 and 9 students of AdlsSunshineSchool, took out a rally at 8:15 am. The rally began from AdlsSunshineSchool. Dignitaries from Tata Steel and JUSCO had come for motivating our students. Mrs. Indrani Singh, Principal of ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL
was also there to encourage the students. Jusco distributed flags and caps with “ZNZS” written on them. Our excited students wore the caps while the flags were held high up in the left hand.

Jusco also distributed banners of ZNZS. The students and moderators of the Safe Club and Interact Club of ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL were actively involved in this rally. Members of the Safe Club were holding the banners of ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL. Our students walked till Sakchi Golchakkar, after which they took a left turn and started proceeding towards the Straight Mile Road. It was a one hour rally which ended in front of the main gate of ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL at 9:15 am.

After returning to school all the students who took part in the rally were given Glucon D, supplied by JUSCO. Students enjoyed the rally and were happy to spread awareness among civilians regarding the importance of clean and safe environment.

Mr.N.D.Ghosh was the overall incharge of the rally. He looked after the safety of the students on road while they marched ahead with enthusiasm. Mr. Saurav Chakravarty, Mr. Ishwar Rao, Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs. Sunita Kumari. Ms K Revati, Ms. Soma Das,
Mrs. Renuka Rao are some of the teachers of ADLS SUNSHINE SCHOOL who also took part in the rally and made it a success.

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